MyLACCDCard : Understanding the Solution And Its Benefits For Students

Issue And Disbursement Of MyLACCDCard

Every student’s personal MyLACCDCard is one that will be issued directly by the LACCD itself. There is a slight question of how the card’s benefits can be delivered to each student. Students are given the below options for disbursement of the benefits of the card to them:

Electronic deposit to the current deposit account of the student: In this case, the student will be required to fill in information of the account.

Electronic deposit to Bank-Mobile Account: A student can set up a Bank-Mobile account and this can be done by linking his or her checking account to the MyLACCDCard account.

Option Of Refund

Any student, who has enrolled for LACCD, can apply for the mentioned financial aid. All that needs to be done is to submit the suitably compatible matching Student ID with the original Student Email credentials. The same student is expected to keep a regular check on the email account. He or she will receive an email that will have a personal code as well as a link to a website where the student can pick from different disbursement options.

The Bank-Mobile Vibe Account

Bank Mobile has aligned with LACCD to provide a suitable platform for disbursing the benefits to students. The Bank-Mobile Vibe Account is a wholly functional and flexible FDIC account with no limits regarding the minimum balance. There are also no fees involved. Every student, who is entitled to the LACCD benefits, is best advised to choose Bank Mobile Vibe for easy access to the disbursements being made.

There are also other advantageous features like:

  • Seamless internet banking
  • Compatibility for MasterCard Debit Card payments
  • No fees for cash withdrawal from any ATM
  • Regular mobile alerts


Tracking Disbursement

Any student of the LACCD, who has opted for the benefit of the MyLACCDCard,would be concerned about keeping a track of financial disbursement of the benefits being received. As said before, thanks to the feature ofBank-Mobile Vibe Account, regular alerts will be sent to the student for prompt information on every transaction or exchange taking place. Similarly, the deposit of the financial disbursement will be alerted to the student by a personal message from Bank Mobile. A student can also get all the necessary information about his or her account online.

Options For Other Accounts

In case a student does not wish to open a checking account with Bank Mobile, he or she has the option to open a normal bank deposit account for the disbursement. In any case, Bank Mobile will offer you guidance in selecting the options for the refund and disbursement transfer. If a student has already chosen the service of Vibe, he or she can always change that by accessing the personal account. By selecting ‘Refund’ preferences, the student can ensure that the deposits are made into the account of personal choice and preference.